Update 25.02.2007

Dear Super Gasser.

The time has come for the

SUPERGASCHAMP Drag Racing Series 2007 .

additional pictures are coming soon, but you can also mail your pictures to:  Werner

By the time we have a

  minimum of 5.000,-- EURO

prize money, which is laid out by the following partner:


Application Form and Rules to the conditions of the respective event.

Stipulation for the receive of points:

1.) Every competitor is rated at probably  6 races ( read more at the calender ).

2.) The worst result is not rated, that means that only five of six races are rated.

Stipulation for the receive of prize money and trophies:

1.) The personal appear at theTrophy Party.

Prize money:

1.) The prize money is divided by the sum of the points.

e.g. 5.000 points divided by 5.000 EURO = 1,00 EURO/point.

2.) That means that every competitor earns prize money at the Trophy Party, in case of absence the prize money is divided by the other drivers.

3.) There are additional prizes for the first four, but also in case of personal appear at the Trophy-Party.

We take care of all the points stuff, you just have to entry and race at the respective event.
After every event there will be a race report at  www.supergaschamp.com. There is also the possibility to create an image  of every driver. Just send your informations and specifications to  Werner.


Point Structure:
The device is chance equality for every racer.
Part 1.) Technical Inspection

11 Points


Part 2.) Qualification:  
The last qualifier earns one point and the top qualifier one point for each competitor ( e.g. 17 competitor = 17 points ), the following one point less.

Teil 3.) Elimination:

8th 16th 32th
Round 1 Looser -------- -------- 50
Round 2 (1) Looser -------- 50 60
Round 3 (2) (1) Looser 50 60 70
Round 4 (3) (2) Looser 60 70 80
Final Looser 70 80 90
Final Winner 80 90 100

Calender 2007

Race Datum Land  Ort Event
28.-29. April D  Luckau Test & Tune *
22.-24.June DK  Vandel Danish Midsummer Nationals *
 30. June - 1. July D  Luckau 18. Grand Nationals *
13.-15. July D  Wittstock Wittstock Reloaded *
11.-12. August D  Hockenheim PUBLIC-RACE-DAYS "
17.-19. August D  Hockenheim Nitrolymp´X
 * = EXPLOSION Club Race
" = test and tune runs are rated for the championchip - no race
The Trophy Party is hold at the Youthhostel, which some of you might remember. There are rooms for cheap conditions available.

The date for the Trophy Party is the 20. October 2007.


Best regards


Werner Rüchel